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Dublin City University (DCU)


DCU profile image
Address:Dublin City University,Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
Tel:+353 1 700 7411

Why study at Dublin City University?

  1. DCU offers highest international quality, employment-relevant undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, study abroad placements and research opportunities with several national centres of excellence.
  2. DCU’s Graduate Attributes Programme gives students a unique opportunity to develop a distinct set of skills and competencies to achieve success in current economic climate.
  3. DCU students are consistently among the highest number of employed graduates in Ireland. The university offers a competitive international student scholarship scheme at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  4. DCU offers strong support for innovation and encourages entrepreneurship through its globally recognised enterprise centre - Invent.
  5. DCU has been commended for its high levels of student engagement and, through the various support and development opportunities on campus, students have the opportunity to develop themselves personally, academically and professionally.