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Interim Criteria for the Education in Ireland Brand


Interim Criteria for Permission to use the “Education in Ireland” Brand

Enterprise Ireland manages the Education in Ireland national brand under the authority of the Minister for Education and Skills.

The statutory international education mark and code of practice, when implemented, will provide a basis for access by institutions to the national brand and international promotion/marketing efforts.

In the interim period, until the enactment and implementation of the relevant legislation, and in line with good practice in other countries, permission to use the national brand will be restricted to institutions which meet certain criteria which are in line with national policy.

These criteria are informed by the following principles:

  • As set out in Investing in Global Relationships: Ireland’s international education strategy 2010-2015, the higher education and English language sectors are the strategic components of Ireland’s international educationoffering;
  • Quality - of institutions, provision and qualifications - is at the heart of Ireland’s international education offering;
  • Irish qualifications are valued for their wide recognition and high quality and must be considered an integral part of the Irish educational experience.

Interim criteria for permission to use the brand are set out below. These interim criteria are subject to review and amendment without notice.


Eligible Institutions – Higher Education

To be eligible, Institutions which fall into one of the following categories:

Apart from programmes leading to awards made by professional bodies recognised in the State:

  • At least 80% of their qualifications (in terms of overall student numbers) awarded to full-time students in the previous year were at level 7 and above on the National Framework of Qualifications and
  • At least 60% of all awards to students awarded in the previous year were quality assured by Irish statutory awards bodies (excluding those made by professional bodies recognised in the State).

Eligible Institutions - English Language Sector

English language centres which are approved by ACELS may used the English language sector sub-brand.

The brand may only be used in connection with the approved English language centre and may not be applied to, or used in connection with, other non-English language programmes operated by providers.


Irish Higher Education Quality Network code of Practice for Provision of Education to International Students

Higher education institutions must confirm that they are in compliance with the IHEQN code of practice for provision of education to international students.

Period of Operations

Any private sector institution applying for access to the brand must have been trading for a minimum of two years within the State.

International Education Generic Marketing Fund

The brand is more than a logo. To be effective it must be supported by promotional activities and material.

In line with the policy set out in the international education strategy, and good practice in other countries, eligible institutions, or their representative bodies, must make the appropriate annual payment to the International Education Marketing Fund (GMF) operated by Enterprise Ireland.

Institutional Marketing Using the Education in Ireland Brand

The choice of an education overseas is one of the most expensive and important investments a student or their family can make. It is imperative for Ireland’s reputation that high-quality and truthful information about Irish educational services is provided.

At a national level, the brand only uses messages which can be supported, ideally through external verification.

This approach must be replicated at institutional level. All material should adhere to the highest standards. Material should be honest and truthful and should be prepared with a particular sense of responsibility to students.

Where possible, claims should be supported with reference to external validation.

(For example, while it is not acceptable to say that “Institution X has the best student support services in Ireland” it is acceptable to say that “The Union of International

Students survey rated Institution X as having the best support services”.)

Use of institutional titles (e.g. “university”, “institute of technology”) on promotional material must be in line with national policy and legislation.


Given the importance of the brand to the national reputation, it is imperative that it is used in a way which is supportive of national efforts. Misuse of the brand, or use which potentially brings Ireland or the Irish education system into disrepute, will result in immediate withdrawal of permission.

If an institution ceases to be eligible for use of the brand, all references to the brand must immediately be removed from their website and promotional material.